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Get Your YouTube Channel Noticed Using The Best SMM Tool - DripfeedPanel

Unless you're a famous or established celebrity, getting YouTube views is challenging, let alone making your channel known. But fret not because the Dripfeedpanel is here to solve all these issues. With our qualified team and years of experience, we’ll help kickstart your YouTube account to new heights. From increasing watch time to views, we have it covered.

Why Is YouTube Watch Time Important?

The path to getting your YouTube to monetize is attaining 4000 watch hours. Sounds easy? Not really, especially if you're new. In fact, many content creators spend years to achieve this watch time. But once you attain this goal, you’re eligible for YouTube Partner Program. It means you can capitalize your content with ads. 

What is Watch time? How is it counted? You may have these questions if you’re new. Understanding these aspects is crucial if you plan to be a YouTube creator or to plan to be one.

The cumulative period individuals spend watching a video is called watch time. YouTube also has a watch count for each video that accumulates your channel's overall view count. In order to get the views monetized, achieving 4000 watch time in twelve months is necessary. 

So, it takes work on the path to monetization, especially for new channels or limited audience reach. However, DripfeedPanel comes to the fore to help you out. Besides watch time, high audience retention is another way to boost your channel. More on this is explained below.

Here Is What You Should Know About Audience Retention

You may know what audience retention or don’t but likely heard the term if you're actively involved in the social media ecosystem. High video retention means that the users are enjoying your content. It gives positive signals to the recommendation system of YouTube. 

For example, your content is about solving mathematical problems for high school kids. If children enjoy your video, then YouTube will recommend your channel to a bigger audience. For example, if someone searches for algebra or math-related questions, your channel will be in the top search list. 

The audience retention rate signifies how good or entertaining your videos are. That way, it indirectly helps gain views. With a higher retention rate, expect increased watch time, likes, subscribers, and an excellent click-through rate. 

Are you wondering how YouTube calculates this retention rate? It's pretty simple:

Audience retention rate= Average view period/length of the video X 100

Suppose your video is 10 minutes long, and the average view time is five minutes. Your audience retention will be 50%. So, the higher the rate, the more success to your channel.

It’s an important aspect that will help increase the watch time. Fortunately, we also provide this service that enables high video retention. Why worry when you have us? With our reasonable pricing and packages, expect quality services making it worth the investment.

DripfeedPanel To Your Service

DripfeedPanel is the forefront runner when it comes to social media marketing. The 21st century is mostly influencer marketing, and we know what's trending currently in the market. We offer a variety of services such as TikTok, Instagram, Custom, and YouTube services.  

Low YouTube views or need exposure to your channel? Look no further, but resort to Dripfeed, as we have the best solution. We have a dedicated team specializing in each service in order to deliver an efficient result. 

Our YouTube service team has years of experience and strives to deliver a positive outcome. Besides helping in increasing views of YouTube videos, we also provide other services like:

  • Helps in achieving 4000 hours of watch time.

  • Optimizing video retention.

  • Enhance YouTube subscribers, likes, and views.

  • Enable unique views.

You name it, and we have every kind of service for you at a reasonable rate. Authenticity is essential, and we adhere to this aspect diligently. At Dripfeed, we provide different packages from this list of services, eliminating bots and letting your channel grow organically.

Getting Started With DripfeedPanel

Are you ready to grow your channel with us? Simply visit our official website ( and sign up / register. It's easy, as all you need is to enter the user name, create a password, and your email ID. 

Here is how to get started:

  • First, complete the registration process.

  • After signing up, proceed to the “services” tab.

  • Click on the YouTube option, and a list of options will welcome you.

  • Choose the service that you prefer. Copy and paste the link. 

  • The final process is by confirming your order and submit. 

Easy-peasy! Make your social media presence known by availing of our high-quality services. We assure hassle-free solutions and cater to your needs with our brilliant team and effective customer service.